Dinner talks

Dinner talks

I should record my chats with the woman during our dinners…

Being most of the days alone and “consuming” all kind of readings, books and audiobooks, news from the radio etc. quite often I come up with peculiar ideas, insights, theories, conclusions and other mental constructs as a result of the provocations my brain is exposed to.

Then she comes home and, during the dinner I try to eloquently present my exciting(?) new ideas. She listens to them politely although the exhaustive character of her work makes it difficult to follow all the ramifications of my controversial theories, which sometimes are just odd pieces of opinion regarding the state of the world affairs. Of course, after a while, realizing that she is too tired to pay real attention to my ramblings, I give up and shut up. And we both forget about my newest idea.

I remember them only when a few days or weeks or months later I encounter my idea – this time exposed or narrated by a distinguished public personality… And that’s exactly the odd moment when I think: Why didn’t I write it down and published or at least had it recorded as a “smart talk”?

Sic transit gloria mundi.