Weekly Reading Journal 001

Weekly Reading Journal 001

I always read a few book in parallel. Old habit.

This week’s titles with brief comments.

Andreï Makin: Dreams of my Russian Summers. Translation: Geoffrey Strachan. (link to book) – a beautifully crafted text about a remote Siberian small town with a magical history in the changing times of the 20th century; French women and girls lost in the endless Russian space and the finite Soviet times…

Giordano Bruno: De Umbris Idearum.  On the Shadows of Ideas & The Art of Memory. Translation: Scott Gosnell. (read more and buy here) – I am discovering the classic of the “memory palace” by the forerunner of all freethinkers… A brave man with great erudition and amazing insight. They should teach this in the lodge…

Sister Miriam Joseph, C.S.C., Ph.D.: The Trivium. The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric. Understanding the Nature And Function of Language. (read more) – I wish I discovered this earlier… the trivium focusing on the language, the three “language arts” (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), ironically, written by a woman, a nun… sweet tool to tease and annoy the unschooled FC!

Maya Rasker: Tartózkodási helye ismeretlen. in Hungarian, Unknown Destination. During the unpacking I discovered this book gifted to me by a friend at the Hungarian publishing house Noran. With every page I understand why this debut book became a worldwide success…

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Giordano Bruno: Art of Memory

Maya Rasker könyvborító