ὀρθοδοξία – from Greek ὀρθός, orthos (“right”, “true”, “straight”) and δόξα, doxa (“opinion” or “belief”, related to dokein, “to think”)

Like every immigrant, sometimes even I entertain the idea of returning to the homeland, the places of childhood memories, eventually, maybe, one day, who knows…

Then I take a second look and the sobering reality kicks in:

It is the most corrupt country in the whole European Union – OK, I know how the system works (I mean I know how that system works) and I can navigate its maze. Manageable…

My hometown, basically built historically by Germans and Hungarians, is still resisting to install bilingual signs; the city hall is even going to court to avoid it – Screw them, we Hungarian-speaking Transylvanians are still at home in our own city and despite the dickhead beaurocrats at the city hall, life is not bad: no ethnic tensions.

The prime minister is a known plagiarist with PhD… – OK, now I start to understand why in Canada they are suspicious about any degree from those parts of the world.

It is the country where after 25 years since the collapse of the communism and the summary execution of the odious dictator, they have (2015 data) 18,300 churches, 4,700 elementary schools and 425 hospitals. It has more ecclesiastic personal paid from taxpayers’ money than doctors – Well, I know that the ruling “state religion” the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) is a one of the most retrograde institutions in the world… but hey, all the Eastern European orthodox churches were kissing the communists and bolsheviks asses, collaborated with the secret police, so we just need to avoid them. And educate people about their hypocrisy.

orthodox church

Gold covered Romanian Orthodox Church – Photo: Sebastian Dan

What I mean, one can “handle” almost everything, when it comes about forgiving the idiocies of the birth place. Even when there is a significant alianeting factor: I am not even Romanian, to start with. However, there is a line!

In the evening of the last day of October, in Bucharest, the Romanian capital there was a fire in a nightclub. 30 (thirty) people died, almost 200 are in hospitals with severe burns. The usual issues revealing lack of proper insulation and not respecting the building code, the obvious bribery at the city hall that issued the permits despite the missing fire inspection proof, the cynical silence of the authorities… all that is ‘normal’ in that country. Nobody was surprised. Just sad.

And then came the horde of so-called Orthodox Christians: priests and (orthodox!) church dignitaries, self-appointed “intellectuals” (with PhD, of course) and village idiots. Claiming that the fire was God’s punishment upon those celebrating the “un-orthodox satanic halloween” (reminder: it happened on October 31!), punishment for listening and playing rock-music, heavy metall [sic] (another satanist activity) and for not listening the one and only true Christian Church, the BOR’s teaching.

It was so much venom, evil thought and wickedness, degeneration and vileness that every decent person just stopped watching those news outlets and media posts publishing them. The Orthodox Talibans raging across Romania. As long as the Orthodox Church exists in that country, I should never even think to go back. My condolences to those Romanians that deserve something better!


Colective was the name of the night club